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                    Solar Panel requirements were for minimal output to fully charge various combinations
of selected batteries; and for portability, the ability to be rolled up, or folded
into as small a volume as possible.

                           These units have been extensively tested, and in combination with tested
                           battery configurations have been able to run a Raspberry Pi Zero-based weather station
                           continuously for 5 days straight:

    Rollable Panel:

rollable panel flat   rollable panel rolled

This panel is rated for 90 watts.

    Foldable Panel:

foldable panel folded  foldable panel unfolded

This panel is rated for 120 Watts.

Folding Panel:

folding panel unfolded   folding panel folded open

This panel is rated for 120 Watts.

                       A data logger was constructed to obtain useable data for solar panel voltages
                        over a time period of twenty four hours:

solar logger

This data applies to a terrestrial location at the following coordinates:

27.6351° S, 152.7747° E

solar logger test 1

for comparison, similar data was obtained during the Devon Island expedition,
and applies to terrestrial location:

75.1982° N, 81.8512° W

data to follow

In order to obtain usable power across all daylight hours, a datalogger was attached to the foldable panel, and voltage output was logged over a number of days.